2019 wizard market - Butter Beer Tasting

2019 wizard market - Butter Beer Tasting

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New for this year!

Our esteemed brewmaster and defense against dark magic teacher Professor Von der Teufel will lead a select group of students through a butterbeer tasting! Sample some famous vintages and brands including a new concoction from the kegs of Teufel himself! The 2 tastings during the market only offer non alcoholic butterbeers, but the tasting during the ball will include adult butterbeers for those 21+ in age! Younger may participate in the tasting but will not be allowed to try the boozybeers.

Every participant will be able to sample the delicious array of flavors during the tasting and will also get a voucher for a 7oz cup of normal brew butterbeer from the Tipsy Troll Tavern and a collectible shotglass with the NEWWS crest on it!

All butterbeers are alcohol free except when noted during the ball and all are gluten free. If you can drink a sprite, you can drink our butterbeer.