Krampus Story Graphic Novel

Krampus Story Graphic Novel


Not a story for kids... Ok, well maybe your kids.. I mean look at their parents!

Hey Elf! Go F**k Your Shelf! - A Krampus Story- is a great gift for the naughty person on your list! Jeremy Oneail created the fun and sometimes raunchy poem where our hero Krampus takes care of an Elf that is found spying on you in december. The 28page full color book is wonderfully illustrated with all of the fun and gore you would expect from a book like this! I mean come on, what says Happy Holidays more than a chainsaw dismemberment?!

As we tell people, this isnt a story you read to your kids! Its a story you read to nieces, nephews and neighbors ;)

Get yours today and let everyone know just how you feel about that elf and those parents with too much time on their hands!