Basic Potions Kit - to be picked up at event

Basic Potions Kit - to be picked up at event

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You will pick this up at Finnegan's Faire at the student days in April

All students at NEWWS have to trudge through potions class. Some find it unbearable and some love it. Either way, a kit you can take home and practice with makes things MUCH easier! Even though you don't need to buy a kit to participate in potions class at NEWWS, its awfully fun to have!

The kit comes with everything pictured, (all jars are in fact glass with cork stoppers) which includes-

  • Unstained carrying box with brass fixtures
  • large jar with wooden spoon
  • square jar
  • bulbous jar
  • tall jar with metal loop
  • 2 large specimen tubes
  • 4 small specimen tubes
  • cloth bag
  • ceramic mortar and pestel
  • small wooden box
  • alchemy symbol key
  • Basic guide to potions pamphlet with a few easy recipes for you to try

As stated above you DO NOT have to have a potions kit to take potions class. This is just extra fun and who knows? Maybe you'll get to do something special in class because you have it :)