CoolPack Pro

CoolPack Pro


You get 10 CoolPacks, one CoolCap and a great little cooler to keep them in!

Great for keeping yourself cool under our awesome masks when used with our CoolCap.

The CoolPacks are filled with hydro pellets and are thin, replaceable and totally reuseable. They can be used with any hat, helmet or cap! Great for working out, labor intensive jobs, cooks, doctors, athletes and anyone who needs some cooling relief!

To use- freeze CoolPacks squeeze frozen CoolPack to make pliable Attach to velcro inside your CoolCap Put on and enjoy! A frozen cool pack, on its own will remain nice and cool for upto 6 hours. Worn under a mask with intense activity, they will provide cooling relief for 20-30 minutes. Luckily they are quick and easy to switch out! Additional CoolPack refills and CoolPack Maxes are available.Watch this video to see how they work with our cheesiest video yet!-