Krampus Deluxe Talking Doll

Krampus Deluxe Talking Doll


The Deluxe version has all of the awesome of the regular version plus- 

-A real wooden basket for naughty children!

-real Vine switch to beat them

-The actual metal chains where they have tried to contain him but you just cant keep a good krampus down!

-real fabric ribbon straps

-real miniature brass bells

- talks!

Get your own 7" - all Black Krampus the Christmas Devil! Dark counterpart to St. Nicholas who beat bad children and dragged them to hell. Now you can have a cuddly plush version of this charming fellow to snuggle with! 

Press is body and hear him declare - "I am Krampus! All the naughty souls belong to me!"

Soft Fuzzy body with cast resin head that is hand painted. 

Made by hand by Oneail FX Studios in the US!

See a version of this guy in action here!

Since all are created by hand there will be some slight variation from figure to figure.