House Robe - adult - TO BE PICKED UP AT EVENT

House Robe - adult - TO BE PICKED UP AT EVENT

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You have enrolled in NEWWS and you are excited to get fitted and purchase your robe at Finnegan's Faire at the NEWWS event!

These are great robes for the price. Each one is lined in the house color and the embroidered badge is amazing! They even have an inner wand pocket!

You don't pick your house, just your size as you need to be sorted by the Sorting Cap! When you receive your acceptance letter, it will include a link to a questionnaire. Every participating student should take it. Remember that the Sorting Cap always takes the house YOU want to be in in consideration, but sometimes it might not be possible because of enrollment. Don't worry, the Sorting Cap rarely breaks up families (unless requested) and couples and would never separate an adult student that is there to participate with a younger wizard.

You now get options for the patch on your robe! You can keep the very basic HP house patch that comes with the robe or you can get a highly detailed NEWWS house patch or a HP Movie Quality House Patch. The highly detailed patches will be ironed on over the basic patch and will be done right in Finnegan's Faire!

Please consult the chart before ordering (in pictures) they run slightly small

Shipping is not included as these are to be picked up at the NEWWS event in September.

If you want a robe that can be shipped in 3-5 business days,  please purchase the other robe selection that says- to be shipped