Krampus talking Doll and Story Book

Krampus talking Doll and Story Book

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Krampus! So popular right now!
Originally an Austrian tradition where he would follow St. Nicholas and beat the bad children. Now a popular anti christmas icon.
No matter how you view him, now you can get a set!
Our Krampus doll is super soft and fuzzy with a hand painted resin head. Squeeze his belly and hear him say - "I am Krampus! All the naughty souls belong to me! Muahahahaha!"
He's holding his trusty kid beaters- a wooden switch and a metal chain.

The book was penned and illustrated by Jeremy Oneail and this 28 page, full color book is a festive story geared towards adults and is about Krampus and his beating of an elf on the shelf. It has the cheery title- "Hey elf! Go f**k your shelf! - a Krampus story-"
Its not a story to read to your kid. Its a story you read to your nieces and nephews ;)

Get these as a set, or order them individually.
So be good, enjoy and go f**k your shelf!
Merry Krampus!!