In stock masks are mailed priority shipping in approx 3-5 business days once the purchase is made.

All of our masks take a minimum of 10-30 business days to produce and during the busy season aug-dec can take upto twice that. Please contact us if you need the mask sooner.

All masks are made with platinum grade silicone and are reinforced around all facial openings with a rip stop material - Power Mesh.

Custom paint jobs can often be done for no extra charge. Contact us to find out.

The masks come powdered on the outside to both matte the material and help protect it in shipping. If you want the mask to be less powdery, simply wash the mask. Dont scrub. if the mask gets too shiny, simply brush baby powder on it.

**You can use a very light dusting of baby powder inside of your mask to help it slide on. Dump out the loose powder and be very careful to not breath in the baby powder. Its not good for your lungs!

read the paper and watch the video it tells you to! This will tell you how to take care of your mask and more importantly, how to put it on and take it off!!! VERY IMPORTANT!

All masks - unless noted otherwise- are brand new. The insides may look a little dirty but that is just residue from the castings or from the painting cores. The insides of the masks may be a little uneven. Its often a result of our molding process. The masks may be repaired from defects in the demolding process. We repair them and reinforce them so that it doesnt effect the wear or durability. The outside will look much like the pictures seen. Why do we do that? We are a zero mask waste company. All of our masks are fixed and sold. This lack of miscasts keeps our costs down and in return, keeps the mask prices low.

All of our masks are shipped in a plastic bag, in a flat rate priority mail box. Why so basic and plain? Well it keeps costs down for me and in return, keeps mask costs down for you. 

We do seldom take returns and those that we do take must be done within 2 days of receiving the mask. We'd rather work with you to get you a kick ass mask. Returned masks may result in a restocking fee and we do not refund the shipping costs. 

Masks that are returned to us due to an error in the address will result in one of two options.
If you supplied the incorrect address, you must pay shipping again to get the mask. You may instead cancel the order but it will result in a $50 restocking fee and a forfeiture of your shipping costs.
If we screwed up, we will get the mask out to you asap with no additional charge.