Batuu Gift Spira

Batuu Gift Spira


Tip in style at Oga's or the Star Cruiser!

You're going to Galaxy's Edge and you've got your costume ready and back story sorted out. You've got your reservations for Ogas and you want to stay as in character as possible. Sure you can give the server a star wars credit you bought and cash, but why not do it all at once! That's where the Batuu Gift Spira comes in! Its larger than a normal spira, cast out of light yet durable resin and has the star wars symbol for money on the front- so you wont confuse one of these for a gift card spira. On back is a plastic pouch that you can slip your tip into with a  fold over flap to keep it locked in!

The more you buy, the more you save!

This is for one resin Gift Spira with clear pouch on back. Legal currency not included.