Cleric Owlventurer

Cleric Owlventurer


Often found in their rookery pouring over ancient tomes and seeing to the spiritual needs of their Parliament, these owls can be vicious in battle!

Armed with a mace and protected by their faith, this owl is ready to push back the darkness!

Owls are small, about 3" tall. Has a magnet mounted in its feet and will attach to the included metal plate that hides under your top layer of clothes. The magnet binds the owl to your shoulder so now you have at least one friend for all of your adventures!

Watch this video to see how the shoulder owls work!-

each owl is hand made and may vary slightly from what is shown. Owl color may be slightly different as well as the style of the weapons the owl is armed with. Owl is made of plastic and fur. Costumes are felt and pleather. Weapons are metal, wood or resin. Please allow 2 -3 weeks for production.