Evil Elf

Evil Elf


Silicone masks have become all of the rage in the halloween, improve comedy and even the security industry because of the lifelike feel and movement. The masks are expensive though, most starting at $700 or more! This mask was created by me ( a spfx artist of 10+ years ) out of my love of Christmas, now it can belong to you! The silicone is super comfortable to wear and transfers heat. Wear it for a little bit and it feels just like flesh! Since the silicone is so soft, it moves with the face to create really lifelike masks!

This mask comes bald with built up pointy ears, hand crafted scar and expertly painted

Add a sketchy felt Elf hat for just $10! Hat may be red or green depending on our instock inventory

The piece is reinforced with Power Mesh at the eyes, nose, ears and mouth, so that as long as you are careful with it, it will have a long long life!

You wont find a better mask for the price!

Watch a video of many versions of this mask here-


This piece will be made to order so please give us 10-15 business days to get your order into the mail once payment comes through. After that it will be whatever the mailing time is to you. 

We can do a very quick turn around when payment is made, then ship priority or overnight if needed for a higher cost. The sooner you need it, the higher the cost. Minimum two day turn around plus shipping time.

Remember, this mask is made to a generic size head. It will fit most but not all. No returns will be accepted. 

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I would like to restate, that it takes us about 10-15 business days to produce the mask once you pay for it. After it goes into the mail, the time it takes to get to you is not within out power to change. Yes, we can rush ship things for extra costs but we cannot guarantee delivery since the mail services do not guarantee it. Especially when shipping to other countries than the USA, customs can hold up the mask longer than expected. We do not guarantee delivery times, only ship by date.

If there is any problem with your mask, we will work with you to solve your problem. We do not guarantee the fit of the mask (we can tell how to get the best fit possible) and all masks leave the studio in excellent condition and in the parameters listed in this auction. If you have any problems with the mask please contact us first so we can resolve the issue in an easy and timely manner. We will do everything we can to ensure that you are completely happy with your mask! Because we sometime experience high volume, we have a single mold for each mask and we are a one person operation, some orders may take the full 15 business days though we always try to hit or beat our two week target ship by date.