Calamari Flan - set of 3

Calamari Flan - set of 3


Currently because of order volume these are often made to order. Production is 10-20 business days if not currently in stock

Used as currency on Mon Cal, this squishy currency is rarely used off planet but still finds its way into the hands of travelers now and then. These have passed through the hands of bounty hunters, gamblers and black marketers, so sometimes, they are not in perfect condition. Want those, you'll have to go to Mon Cal, but we assure you, no cantina on Mon Cal will turn these away!

These are sold in sets of 3. All 3 will be the same color. We cannot mix and match right now.

These flan are soft and squishy, made of layers of platinum silicone.

You have 4 options for colors-

Blue/purple - traditional flan




These last 3 have metalic glitter in them, to denote value and so that they can be used in the Outer Rim Sabacc League games.

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