Gambler's Mix - set of 32

Gambler's Mix - set of 32


You get a random mix of credits that may or may not include- Pre Empire Republic, Imperial, New Republic and Batuu Spira Credits- 32 pieces total 

Lucky gamblers may get a calamari flan or two, but this is rare and even more random.

Buy 4 sets and get a free gift! Gift may vary by order but will always be Star Wars themed!

Ready to play Sabacc but need something to bet with? These credits will be a great start. Its up to you to win more! If you are looking for shiny new credits- go to the exchange booth at Canto Bight. If you are looking for chipped, dented, worn and used credits that have probably passed through the hands of the galaxies most notorious scoundrels (and probably Hondo's twice), these are the credits for you!

We’ve started a Sabacc League but quickly realized that getting enough credits to play can be daunting. These were our solution! 

In our games we have color coded our credits so you can use any design (see our other offerings) and they have similar value. For us- bronze/copper = 5 credits, silver = 25 credits, gold = 50 credits

You get-

20 copper/bronze credits

8 silver credits

4 gold credits

In our games, that’s the standard buy in for 1 person.

These will be a random mix that may or may not include- republic, imperial, new republic, spira and possibly a Calamari Flan. The exact amount will vary from order to order and no, you cannot pick your mix. You may not get denominations of every credit type or even every credit type. It is totally and completely random.

These credits are cast resin pieces from molds made from 3d printed credits and are  spray painted for external color. The inner color of the actual resin will vary as will the thickness of each credit. These credits also have casting defects, voids, chips, scratches and tarnish.

Check out the Outer Rim Sabacc League- Galaxy Page at-

Find your planet and find other rogues to play with!

Often these credits will be made to order, though if we have some in stock we will send them asap. If not in stock, normal production time is 10-20 business days.

No returns on this item.

Not official Star Wars items.

These are fan made and we have no connection with Star Wars, Lucasfilm, Disney or any other official owners of all things Star Wars.