Orcy Clause Knee Hugger Elf new for 2024!

Orcy Clause Knee Hugger Elf new for 2024!

Now with wire in the arms and legs and velcro on the hands to ensure even more shenanigans!

This is for one Orcy Clause elf and you have 2 choices- Bork, in the classic red outfit or Nork in the fuzzy Orcy Clause outfit

Based on the classic knee hugging elves from the 50's, we are bringing you our Orcy Clause Elves!
These little guys wont tell on you, but they will whisper bad ideas into your ear all night.
These guys loves to get into trouble when no one is looking and his favorite thing to do it to torture tattle tails. ;)

Our Orc has a hand painted hard resin head made by artist here in our shop, felt body and accoutrements. He stands about 12" tall. Assembled here in the USA!

We will ship these out asap and will always try and beat Etsy's estimated delivery date.

NO returns will be accepted for this product unless the product is broken. We're sorry if it's too scary for your kids or your wife wont let you keep it in the house. We just see that as opportunity for scares ;)