Outer Rim Sabacc League Legacy Spike Deck

Outer Rim Sabacc League Legacy Spike Deck

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Finally! An official Outer Rim Sabacc League spike deck! 62 card deck, 30 positive, 30 negative and 2 sylops!

The colors are black and yellow like our logo (which is on the back) but also helpful to folk who have trouble seeing some colors. Also is great in low light situations like seedy cantinas and back room games! Each card has a + or a - to help you remember which is which and the face cards also have numbered pips so you can remember the value!

We even have help cards in each deck, One shows you the cost of actions on one side, tie breaking ranks on the other, and 2 other cards have all 19 named hands in their rankings!

Its a great set for those just getting started or for collector!

Cards are 4"x2.5" (65*100mm)- about the same size as the Galaxy's Edge deck, 350g Art paper, glossy varnish on both side.

You can get the cards without dice, a set of 3D printed spike dice or a set of Mandalorian or Black Sun resin cast spike dice

There is a slight misprint in the deck.The positive square cards 4 and 5 have incorrect pips on the top and bottom, but the correct markings in the center of the card. Always go by the center value of the card