Payment Plan payment

Payment Plan payment

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Oneail FX Studios is now introducing a payment plan for those who need help saving for a mask. The following stipulations apply-

The applicant understands that all payments made to Oneail FX Studios in conjunction with this payment plan are NON REFUNDABLE for any reason whatsoever.

-The complete cost of the mask and its shipping will be rounded up to the nearest $20 increment.

- it is not until the entire complete cost is paid that the order will go into the que for production. Standard production time is 10-20 business days and that time will begin on the business day or next business day if payment is made after 5pm, the final and complete payment is made.

-applicant is at least 18 years of age and make these payments will full consent of the credit card or payment service holder if that holder is not themself.

-minimum payment that can be made  is $20 and that the minimum initial payment is $50.

- that if these payments take over 4 months to make, the design of the mask that they wish to purchase may not be available anymore. At that point Oneail FX Studios will give me full credit for the amount they have paid towards a different design of mask, but that it is not obligated to refund the money.

Applicant will also have to apply to Oneail FX Studios (email for an agreement) to fill out a payment plan agreement and only once that is filled out and returned and an initial payment of at least $50 is made will the payment plan go into effect.