Sabacc small set for the Solo Gambler

Sabacc small set for the Solo Gambler


Sabacc! The poker like game that won Han Solo the Millennium Falcon! Now you can play like a pro with this full sabacc set for the lone gambler.

The water proof case is expertly weathered to look like its been from one end of the galaxy and back. It even contains two flashing LED's to give it a more "tech" feel. Easy to access on/off switch and you can easily replace the batteries. It measures 8.5"x6.5"x4"

Inside, all of the foam is left intact so you may arrange the inside as you wish. The foam is easily removed "pluck" foam

-the legacy Outer Rim Sabacc League Spike deck. The full instructions on how to play, the full 62 cards and 2 printed and weathered spike dice

-a resin dealer token painted to look metal and weathered.

-32 resin Batuu Spira, cast from the actual ones at Galaxies edge. These spira have been around the block and changed hands many times. As you can see, they vary in thickness and none are pristine. voids and chips let you know that these spira have circulated! 32 Spira is our normal buy-in for one gambler at a game. Thats 4 gold spira, 8 silver spira and 20 copper. Hopefully that's just the beginning of your treasure hoard!

Watch this video to see it all! -

Til the Spire!