Sabacc Scoundrel's Set for upto 8 players

Sabacc Scoundrel's Set for upto 8 players


Sabacc! The card game in star wars that is a cross between poker and 21. Now you can run your own games in Lando like style with this deluxe Sabacc set!

The water proof case is expertly weathered to look like its been from one end of the galaxy and back. It even contains two flashing LED's to give it a more "tech" feel. (LED's may vary slightly from those pictured as we improve and upgrade) Easy to access on/off switch and you can easily replace the batteries. It measures 13"x10"x5".. Inside the box is 2 layers of pluck foam so that you can customize it as you wish. 

Inside you get-

-the legacy Outer Rim Sabacc League Spike Deck with full instructions, 62 cards and 2 painted and weathered printed spike dice.

-two deluxe metal dice similar to those that hang in the falcon

-a resin dealer token painted to look metal and weathered.

The pluck foam will be removed to store these and the rest intact to await your fortune.

-8 buy ins of credits! That's 256 resin credits! You get 8 sets of 32 credits

        2 sets of resin Batuu Spira, cast from the actual ones at Galaxies edge. 

        2 sets of resin Imperial credits.

        2 sets of resin Galactic Republic credits

        2 sets of resin New Republic credits 

These credits have been around the block and changed hands many times. As you can see, they vary in thickness and none are pristine. Voids and chips let you know that these credits have circulated! 

32 credits is our normal buy-in for one gambler at a game. Thats 4 gold, 8 silver and 20 copper. Hopefully that's just the beginning of your treasure hoard!

You'll also get a printout of the Sabacc Handbook by Ender Smith!

And that's just the game stuff! You'll also get

-a full size resin DT-12 resin blaster replica in the second layer

and hidden at in a bottom layer-

-A bar of beskar replica

-5 republic black credits

-2 vial of black market stims (in reality, it's pixie stick sugar powder!)

Watch this video to see it all! -

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Til the Spire!

-while we try to have one in stock, many of these orders will be made when you order. Our ability to get the card set etc may lengthen the production time.