Shoulder Demon - Krampus

Shoulder Demon - Krampus

customers may have to wait 10-20 business days for the production of their figure and should be willing to work with us as we work out the bugs! Your feedback will be super important to us!**

Sure he wants to kidnap and punish the bad kids but at his size, he needs a buddy. Oneail FX isnt responsible for you doing what he tells you to do.

This little guy sits 5” tall on your shoulder and is 9” in length from toe to horns. He’s cast out of resin and is cable controlled. You can see how he works here-

Comes with 3’ of cable and a small metal shoulder plate. Magnets on his butt attach to the plate when you put it under your shirt so he can sit there with security!

He’s cast from molds made from sculptures made here at Oneail FX Studios!

Each figure is hand made and can take upto 20 business days to produce.