"Spell Caster" Spells

"Spell Caster" Spells


The Spells do not include a "Spell Caster" Wand. The wands are available from the Spell Caster Wands listings-

Duel your friends and blast your enemies with our new "Spell Caster" wands and spells! These fanciful projectiles use elastic bands and our "Spell Caster" wands to launch upto 40'!

5 themes to choose from-

Ice Magic

Lightning Bolt

Fire Ball

Death Magic


When you buy multiples of spells- they will all be the same theme. There is currently no mixing and matching

each of them is constructed with a firm foam grip and a soft squishy head, with elastic firmly embedded in the grip. The cloth tail ensures that the soft tip hits first and that it's easier to find.

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